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May 12, 2005
:D Hi Guys,
Just a quick question, I have just taken the cylinder head off my 1971 commando to renew the valves and guides etc, it says in the manual you have to remove the rocker arms and shafts before you can get the valves, but there seems to be plenty of room, I don't want to buy the special tool to get rocker shafts out if I don't have to. any advice please.

Cheers Ron
If you have the head off, don't need to remove the rocker arms if you have a "C" shaped valve spring compressor. There are many opinions about removing and replacing the valve guides, covered in another thread, recently...look for it. The main thing though, is the to be in the bake oven and the guides have to be frozen in the freezer. The only time I had to remove the rocker shafts, was when a valve seal popped off, and I reseated it with the head still on the motor. It's a tricky job anyway, with all the washers and such. Just use the valve spring compressor from one of your car repair will work fine if the head is off. Any time the guides are replaced though, it may be that you will have to get the valve seats recut....some claim they can do it, but it is hard to get the guides perfectly installed in the same angle/position as the ones you are replacing. Have fun!
top end rebuild

Hi Ron,You should not have to remove the rocker shafts just to remove the valves and springs, you MAY need to remove them to get at the inlet valve guides, be sure to heat the head evenly before trying to remove / replace the rockers and guides. Good luck. Ride safely. James.
i've replaced the valves and guides in my 750 and I've never taken the rocker arms out.
In fact I borrowed the correct tool to remove them and I still could not get them out!
I just wanted to check the rocket shafts for wear, but had to give up and leave them in.
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