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Aug 6, 2005
Recently my 850 has started this horrible kickback on cold start. I mean to the point where I dread even trying it because I know I'm gonna get hurt. I think this is a matter of advanced timing, correct? The real question is why doesn't this happen once the bike has been started and shut off? Warm, hot, or cold once it has been started it doesn't do it again until it hasn't been run for awhile. Another question is why would this have started happening? I have a boyer and have not upset the settings.


This is a classic symptom of a Boyer that isn't getting supplied with enough voltage, the Boyer will then over advance during kick starting.

So I suspect the battery could need replacing?

Once the engine is started then the charging system will liven up the battery a bit and the problem goes away, until the bike is not used for a while.
Be sure that you add three grounds. Coil to common ground on frame, Boyer to common ground on frame, engine to common ground on frame. Then from the positive of the battery to the common ground on frame. I use the hole for the rectifier mount for common ground to frame, de-paint it and coat all the ring terminals with dielectric grease. You can also add a ground wire to the tail light and from the head light to common ground if the harness grounds are suspect. All red wire all easy and well worth the trouble.
Ok, thanks. I'll try both, the grounds and a new battery. Thinking on it, I thought I replaced the battery this Spring, but could be getting it confused with one of the other bikes. :oops:
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