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Aug 8, 2005
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Hey Jerry I was wondering what tires you are running on your 850 are the rim sizes still 19 inch? Looks like they are Akront rims but could be wrong. The seat makes it look sweet. Very Cooool.
Jerry doesn't seem to be answering, so allow me :D :

Those are Avon Supervenoms, 100/90-19's, front and rear. Good tires, as long as you ride the twisties, ALOT.

Me personally, I started out with Supervemons on my Combat, 100/90-19 front and 110/90-18 rear. The roads where I ride most are pretty straight :cry: and the rear tire was square in no time, about 2200 miles. I have since changed to a Bridgestone BT45. Grips like the Supervenom in the corners, and last 7500 miles.

The rims on Jerry's bike look like Akronts. Morad makes a rim that is nearly identical, but in my experience the Akronts run more true and are way easier to true up after building.

If you want to run an 18" tire on the rear of your drum brake Commando, order up an Atlas rim and spokes.


Thanks for the info Derek
I am tempted to try the super V's but I only have experience with K81's.
I just removed my spokes and rims from the Commando that I am presently rebuilding (the rims were badly corroded and I will be searching out for some Akront’s if they are still around (Old stock) with some new stainless spokes. I hear that they are no longer in business. I don't know if Buchanan’s have any left but I will give them a try. I am going to replace all the roller bearings in the front and back hubs to sealed units for a mod upgrade. Anyone know if the rim to hub offsets is the same when you change over from the stock steel to the aluminum rims?
The rim widths between alloy and steel should be appoximately the same, providing you are sticking with the same rim width i.e. WM-2.

The offset for a Commando front disc wheel is 1/2" from the rotor mounting surface with a WM-2 rim, Commando rear disc is 3/4" from the rotor mounting surface with a WM-2 rim, and a Commando rear drum runs right down the middle, equal measurements both sides from the hub spoke flanges.

If a wider rim is to be used, reduce the offset by half of the difference in rim widths i.e. if switching to a WM-3 from a WM-2, reduce the offset by ~1/8".


My preliminary checks for the offset for the front rim was 5/8" on the rotor surface to rim outer edge and I had an offset of 1/4" on the machined surface of the cushblock side. This was done using a precision ground steel straight edge and my vernier calipers. Now my spoke length (measured from the inside of the shaft surface at the 90 degree bent to the thread end is 7 23/32” front wheel rotor side and 8 3/32” for the opposite side. Rears were 6 1/32” both sides. I was running K81 410H19s front and back. I assume the rim width is WM-2.
Careful with the rear spokes. Even though the lengths are the same, the hook lengths are different. The shorter ones are for the inside of the spool, longer ones are the outside.


Sorry for the delay.

I am running super venoms. I love them!!

I am running 19 inch front and 18 inch rear. The reason for the 18 inch rear is so i could go wider on the tire.

I have beefed up stainless spokes all around on acront rims.

It handles well like this.

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