Tacho screech

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Dec 5, 2007
While riding i noticed the tacho started going crazy swinging from correct revs to redline to nothing ,went on for a couple of minutes then started making noises loud enuff to clearly hear over the engine like a cat being murdered all sorts of screeching , At this point all i have done is removed cable and noticed the end is worn and not really square, could it just be slipping in the tacho and require a new cable(maybe even just building up with brazing or such and resquaring to make it a neat fit ) or do i need to pull the tacho apart, I notice the inner cable can be removed from the outer just be pulling on it i,e not connected to the other end i guess that is normal? The speeod has stopped working just before this but that cant be related surely? just another issue to look at

Hi Rob,
The inner can be removed from the outer, this is normal, theinner is square into the instrument, and into a spade that is driven from the tacho drive . Check the cable length to see if it was squeeling (probably not I would guess).
Use a piece of old inner cable or a small screwdriver to test the instrument by trying to turn it in the direction the needle moves. If it is at all stiff stop and get it serviced.

Too late for lubing me thinks Cash, the cable is broken at the lower end. Sooon as i get a chance i will remove the tacho and see if the break was caused by the tacho seizing or the tacho stopping was caused by the break. On the other post re carbie hard starting, i dont use the chokes usually as most people here say its not needed, just flood the carbies no throttle and kick from there, i try the chokes it doesnt seem to differ, i am resetting the float levels and rechecking the timing just in case ive missed something thanks for the assistance
Thanks for that i have been looking for somewhere close, i will check them out

i will remove the tacho and see if the break was caused by the tacho seizing or the tacho stopping was caused by the break.

Nothing inside the tachometer is stout enough to break the cable. It is most likely that the cable seized internally and snapped from lack of lubrication or corrosion.

Be certain you replace both the outer housing and the inner cable together. Replacing the inner cable alone is false economy.
A single long ride in a rain and an evenings rest can spell the end for a cable the next day. It just depends on the conditions. I have also destroyed a drive chain the same way Renold Grand Prix no less. First 200 miles in the rain than 100 miles without rain. Got up the next morning rust and tight spots all stretched out. A warm steel sucks up cold water very well.
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