Tacho Cable

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Dec 27, 2005
I was wondering what would be causing my tacho cable to work on and off, for some reason the metal cover will spin around like it is contected to the cable or something and will cause the tacho to stop working. what would be causing this to happen and will i need a new cable?
Not really sure what you are trying to say with this metal cover thing...but the tach will act strange if the cable isn't lubricated. When the lubrication gets to the point where it starts to stick, the cable will start to get stuck for a moment and this will translate into a Tach that has a needle that jumps all over. Eventually, you will be buying a new cable if you don't disconnect the cable from the bottom of the Tach and pull the flexibel cable up and out of the tube and lube it with an oil and grapite mixture, just don't lube the upper inch or so of it when you replace it in the tube, as the oil will creep up the cable and fowl the inside workings of the Tach. Make sure it is seated in the little end piece at the bottom on the cable tube when you replace it, it should not just turn loose...got to be seated correctly. You can use plain oil, but sometime soon, get a bit of graphite powder, mix it with light oil and redo it. Then it will be good for about a year or so.
OK i will lube it up as i havent done it yet after i restored the bike and thish could be the problem as it will be sticking. causing it to be ruining my tacho cable. How exactly do you lube it up with oil???
Once again...undo it under the Tach, pull the inside flexible part of the cable out, lube it with oil/graphite mixture, and re-insert it...make sure it is seated correctly in the bottom of the cable....so that it won't turn loose, but has only a 174 turn or so.. seat the upper end properly in the Tach, and finger tighten it...good luck!
PS...I just clean the flexible part off, bead of oil the whole length except the upper inch or so, and slide it back in the tube....watch what you wear....it will flop all around trying to get it in the tube...makes Moms and wives real happy at laundry time.... :wink:
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