Swopping brake pipe & switch on std disc master cyl

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Jan 10, 2005
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Has anyone transposed the brake switch and pipe? ie swopped holes. I need more clearance on full left lock with new fairing which has a new Hemmings bracket giving more lock than normal Norvil setup. Moving the pipe outwards would stop it contacting the headlamp support tube.
I'm not sure if the threads are different? 3/8-24 for the pipe and a BSP taper for the switch? or the same? I'm also assuming there is no restriction on the switch port and it is full pressure. Thanks.
Both threaded holes in the master cylinder are identical = 3/8" UNF, (the switch being UNF thread also).
Thanks L.A.B. I wasn't certain but tried it and gained the clearance needed. Happy New Year to you.
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