Suzuki Engine Auto Race AR600

Jun 30, 2012
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In this video, you can see the engine. It is obviously a race motor. But how would we ever get one ?
I have seen a video with the engine having it's valve gear adjusted. It is 4 valve DOHC.
It might be as fast as a Paton 500.

Some of those old Japanese speedway bikes were re-manufactured British bikes. But the AR600 motorr looks very similar to a Paton 500. And they seem to perform well. With Japanese speedway, the bikes are very regulated, so they might be limited in the power they are allowed to deliver. I was trying to find the video of the AR600 with the cam box open. It is what a good twin motor should be.
Thanks for posting that. I remember reading an article in Bike magazine a long time ago, which said Triumph twins were the most popular choice for this type of racing.
I do not know why we cannot buy the SEAR motor. If I had been able to get one of those when I was building my Seeley, it might have been really good. I actually looked at a DOHC Jawa Speedway motor. I could have had the whole speedway bike for $1300. That is what I paid for my Commando 850 motor. There is a big difference in weight.