Steering Head stops

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Dec 26, 2007
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My '68 Commando has two rectangular lugs mounted at roughly 10 & 2 o'clock just above the base of the steering head. Are these intended to be the stops for the forks?

I ask for 2 reasons:
First, they do stop the fork from turning through contact with the arched lower triple tree. But, it's not much of a stop & I am concerned for potential damage if the forks were turned hard for any reason.

Secondly, on another early Commando frame a rectangular plate with rounded corners is welded on the apex of the downtubes. Would this be an added by Norton or is it likely makeshift?
Hi - My 69 is the same as yours & I agree it doesn't seem like much of a stop, but it seems to work OK...

I have a 1970 as well with wielded on stops as you describe, so at least 2 of us have the same modification. I had assumed this was done by a former owner (not Norton)...
Hi again - I just noticed your signature... I to have a 96 1100RT (bought new), great bike...
I added a small brass stud to my left side to keep the handle bars from denting my tank, seems the "stops" have worn away and the triples have a matchng dent. My 850 has seen much less wear and I feels like a raked chopper with 1/2 the turning radius in comparison!
Steering Head stops
Steering Head

Thanks to all.
I like the idea of adding a stud, just for insurance. (How did you post that picture in the reply?)

BTW, at the risk of starting a "controversy" I offer the following:

My BMW R1100RT is for long & reliable rides.

The '66 Yamaha Big Bear Scrambler is for nostalgia

The '68 Commando is for prospective rewards...I never could afford one in the period whilst in high school yet before I was obliged to choose 4 season, 4 wheel transportation.
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