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Jun 22, 2008
Hello there, i just finished the clutch and oil leaks on my 74 850. So now I can actually ride the thing. It took a couple tries to figure out where the choke has to be and how many priming pumps it takes to initially start the bike when cold(sitting overnight).

Now I need a little pointer, because I am having a hard time with starts after rides, when I let it sit for a couple of hours. I have tried various combos of the choke/priming, and the bike does eventually start. I am curious if I have the problem or something is not right on the bike(I think it's me).

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.
This is the most difficult area, too warm to take a full flood of the carbs but too cold to take no assistance. I start with a half tickle first, if no joy I then add choke and it will normally go.
When you are very near your stop(a block away) turn off the petcock. This will drain the bowl making re-starts easier. A hot bike with a bowl full of fuel makes it harder to start. There are reasons.
Not gospel, but crude rule of thumb:
If it coughs, but does not start it's probably lean - needs more tickle and/or choke.
If it's silent (no pop, nothing) and you know spark is good, better chance that it's rich - examine the plug.
If the plug is fouled, put in anything else you have with the right reach - heat range doesn't matter for starting, just remember to R&R with the correct number after it's warmed up.
Try opening the throttle a little and hold it there while you kick. It lets more air in and leans the starting mix. If that fails switch the ignition off kick it over a couple of times with the throttle full open to blow out excess fuel and try again.
Never failed for me.

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