Stainless Fastener Kit

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Dec 26, 2007
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Does any Norton parts vendor offer a complete stainless fastener kit for an early Commando?
The problem is with the word "complete". There are many specialty fasteners that can't be filled with off the shelf bolts. Many "kits" don't include these. I would suggest you give Stan Smith (Rocky Point Cycle) a call. Stan is a great guy and has been selling stainless bits for a long time.

Many fasteners on the Commando can be replaced with readily available thread forms in hex, socket head, button head, etc. These can be sourced relatively inexpensively in bulk. It is the CEI thread and special shouldered bolts and nuts that will require someone like Stan or Old Britts. You can look up the OEM part number on several sites, such as DomiRacer. and their description gives the length and thread.
I will echo Ron and also say Stan at Rocky Point Cycle. Great guy with good prices and always a good stock on hand. He can also sell you parts for your Norton.
At one point I think there was some kinda kit from I don't see it on their site any more but might be worth a call anyway - if they don't have an old kit laying around they might be able to put one together for you.
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