Speedometer Fix ?

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Dec 24, 2003
I am sure I saw someone leave a web address on this forum that went throught the process of fixing a smiths commando speedometer ??
Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Thanks in anticipation :D
Are you wanting to try to fix it yourself or find some one to repair it? I seem to recall a gent there in Oz that not only repaired, but could change a tach to a speedo and vice versa. He had a collection of silk screens to make new faces and all. If you are interested I'll try to track down the name and contact.
Ron L,
I know of a couple of repairers, but someone pointed me to a web site that had pictures taking you throught the whole process.......
I can't find that link anywhere, would like to have a look inside a spare speedo I have that is not working that's all.

I am still searching for the link & will post it if I find it again...It was very informative. Thanks for your reply.
speedo/tacho rebuild

Thanks much for the article. It seems both speedometer and tach on my '72 go bad in about 5 years. It's expensive and worse it takes many weeks to get them rebuilt. I'd like to understand what goes when the needle starts to bounce and do the rebuild myself.

Where do you get the bezel?
The bezels, glass, and gaskets are available from a number of usual sources, Bernier Vintage, Accessory Mart/Domiracer, to name a couple. There are two rubber gaskets, a tapered one to fit into the bezel and a flat one to fit between the glass and the housing.
A buddy of mine made a slick tool from a plate and a couple of shafts and ball bearings to roll the new bezel on. Others have used a lathe and bearing. Barring that, you could very carefully use a hammer and a flat drift.
speedo/tacho repair

I read the articles mentioned. The "wiggle" of the needle is "caused by a kink in the cable"? My tach has a bouncing needle that is not caused by the cable. I have a two inch long drive section from an old cable I put in my electric drill running in reverse. There is no wiggle in the drive and I still get the needle bouncing driven this way. I notice if I tilt the tach to a face down position the needle smooths out to normal and when brought back upright bounces again. Anyone want to make a diagnosis?
Move Down Under....:)
Sorry David, I couldn't resist it.

Have not got a clue, sorry. I think I'll give my speedo to the experts after having it apart. Was easy enough to do but my lil ally disc seems to be sitting on top of the magnet & I can't c how 2 shim it or whatever...

For AUS $150 Lionel otto Instruments here in Brisbane fix it, clean it & put new glass n bezel on for ya. I reckon it is expensive also for probably an hours work, but it is one of those specialist jobs I now admit.
speedo/tach fix


Sorry, I'm a devout Californian. Wouldn't mind being a tourist in Oz for an extended stay.

I kind of agree about sending the guages to a specialist, just that they were rebuild 12,000 miles ago and look great. If they keep going out that often, I want to know why, so I can fix them without giving them up for a month or so. The articles mentioned in this string are helpful.

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