Southern Cal events for 2005

Dec 30, 2003
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Hi Jerry,

What's the schedule for the SoCal club for 2005? NorCal has the schedule posted on I'm going to try to get out on more joint rides this year.
Northern California Events

Could you send me the events for Northern California. I will post them on the main website so everyone can see. commando(at)

I will email Bib and try to find out what is going on down here this year and post that too.

All the best,

NorCal Events

Hi Jerry,

Just saw your reply. Events of the Northern California Norton Owners Club are at the "Club Events" tab on our website.
This Sunday is the "Freeze Ride" meeting at Alice's Restaurant at Skylonda at 11:00am. Depending how cold it is as to if we go anywhere.

July 13-17 the NCNOC is the sponsor for the 2005 rally of the International Norton Owners Association. This will be in Selmac, Oregon.
The north/south gathering will have to be in Oregon this year.