skype....anybody doing this?

May 22, 2004
Yep and we have monitored the usage out interest as well and essentially it appears to be a form of internet conferencing...
We have been 'conversing ' with biker mates in NZ and the UK (we are in Australia. )

Also a great innovation is the new MSN 7.5 Voice Clips.. works Just great!

This also consumes low bytes ~ 60 -150 KB per clip ~
Mar 19, 2005
We have been impressed with this...tried a few others now and Skype is so far definately the best. One click and you are online, can see who of the persons you have selected to be part of your chat, are online too and you can just call or start a chat...or they can start one because they too can see when you are online. No strangers can come in if you don't wish them too...all very private and wonderful sound quality too. We have two daughters and a couple friends hooked up and this weekend a sister in Sweden and a brother in the states plan to step in...conference chats can be fun. Real cool and free stuff.

Glad to see that someone else has run into this.....