setting up a new camshaft

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Aug 17, 2006
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I have just fitted a new camshaft (pw3) and I am looking to check the cam timing , when doing this do I have to set the tappet clearance and then measure from the valve spring retainer , what amount of lift is considered the open and closed point on the cam , also is it ok to turn the engine backward with a spanner on the end of the crank ? engine is in a stand on the work bench
I have checked the springs for clearance from coil bound and one of the inlet is a bit tight, needs about another 20 thou is it ok to run without the heat insulating washer ?

All comments and advise welcome
thanks 850Sam
new camshaft

Hi sam, in this case,and being as close as you are, I would put in a call to Mick Hemming,the PW3 was designed for him in conjunction with Peter Williams ( hence PW),Mick is a terrific fella,easy to talk to and very,very helpful,phone # is 01604 638505. Good luck. Ride safely. James
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