S type up and running (conitued)

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Oct 21, 2005
on the road and running fine.
passed MOT (why have a horn with these pipes the mot asked?)
belt drive is nice and smooth but i do occationally have a weired sound comming from the clutch case with the clutch in?
5 speed box is nice but 1st is tall (23t front sprocket) but 70 MPH at 3000 rpm is nice for cruising along.
forgot how heavy the clutchs is after the KTM. but she dont slip like all my other mate ones do !
she seams to be running rich, but the K& N filters may be causing this.
10 mile ride and i got the exhaust rings loose, must lock wire them. great fun overtaking, and frightening the car drivers with noise from the pipes at ear level !. just get the paint job done back to the original blue metalflake and she will look a peach again...
tommorow will take some pics.. how do i get them on the site??
gota go ...feel like firing her up again........THE SOUND :twisted:
Have a tip on exhaust rings, for first few hundred miles, tighten them every run while engine hot, they will keep tightening down. This is due to the copper gaskets compressing. When movement stops then lockwire or bend tab washers or whatever. If you do it too soon you will lock rings but they will be loose because gasket has compressed & vibration will knock out threads. I have added a support under the gearbox to lock the downpipes to the engine plates so leverage of system is not landing on the lock rings. This takes stress off that part & they stayed tight for 7 or 8 years until I removed head recently
Sound in clutch...bearing is ok? Adjust,OK? Any sound when the clutch is pulled, would mean something is getting under load and doesn't like it, clutch and drive sproket lined up? Check stuff out before something unpleasant happens :wink:

To insert pics...look back through threads, there is one that explains it...good luck with the bike :D


Set a picture of this support for the pipes in the forum...would like to see how this thing works...thanks!
S Type

The weather too bad to take bike out of the garage to day so no pics.
the belt drive is all new, i suspect that the noise i heard is slight plate rub as it has no oil in the casing, it only happens very occationaly,and sounds like a little whistle, rather than any heavy scraping.

the exhause treads on my head have been repaired before, and i have replaced the rings with some alloy ones which do help reduce loosening,
just settlement after rebuild. now staying tight (and wired).

have put some items on e bay, pair of clocks,primary drive,TLS hub complete if any body needs them..


s type up and running

I believe that the real cure -- in my case anyway-- switch to bronze exhaust rings, they do stay tight, no wiring or lock tabs, I fitted them to my 850 three years ago, not a problem since then. Ride safely,good luck with the S type. James.

At least we aren't the only ones that are having weather you would rather sell on ebay :wink:

whistle sounds like the belt not lined up perfectly? Don't know...ask the others...I am still on the original chain...after a couple of years, it stopped stretching and it has now done a bunch of miles, maybe about 120 thou or so..and still the same tension...so I have not come to any reason to change what works. Keep clean oil in the primary case and they last a while. Clean the plates once every couple of years and they last a good thirty years too....but there must be some advantage to the belt drive. Enlighten me.

james and trashy.....Do either of you have a source for the alloy/bronze type of exhaust gasket rings?
You can shim your clutch pack with an extra steel plate thinned down to .060-.070 to make your clutch pull easier. With a four-plate clutch and new friction plates, I have found .060 works most of the time. You want to move the spring closer to flat when assembled. I occasionally adjust the pack height by using a slightly worn plate in the pack if necessary. Also you can mix and match 850 and 750 plates to get the right stack height. The 850 friction plates are slightly thinner than the 750 plates.

Of course your cable must be in good shape, properly lubed, and routed properly to avoid any kinks or sharp bends.
I am also running a belt drive kit on my 1970 Commando. I have rebuilt the bike from the ground up including new bearings in the gearbox, clutch (and everywhere else). My clutch also sometimes makes a whistling sound. I have done a fair mileage since I rebuilt the bike with no ill effects whatsoever. I put the sound down to a combination of no oil in the primary case and the fact that I have a number of large circular vent holes in the outer primary cover for cooling, thus amplifying whatever mechanical noise is naturally kept 'indoors'. I believe the belt drive is less critical on slightly missaligned pulleys than a chain, although one should obviously strive for acurate alignment. Additionally I have the bronze exhaust lock-rings on my bike and they have never given the slightest hint of coming undone, I put a dab of anti-seize compound on the threads prior to fitting and run them without lockwiring and also without the lock tabs.
S- type up and running

I got my bronze exhaust rings from Norvil in the UK. Ride safely. James
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