Royal Enfield S II shifting glitches

mean gene

Dec 21, 2020
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Recently purchased a 750 S II. the manual has a short paragraph on adjusting neutral finding lever, but no details as to what are symptoms if under or over engaged. Seems to be a problem shifting into third gear and thought it might be the neutral finder interfering. I have no knowledge of these trans, so hesitant to jump in and tear apart. Previous owner acknowledged a "tricky" third gear. Any experiences on fix/adjustment would be appreciated.
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Very nice, hope you like the bike once you've sorted the gearbox out.
If you look on Youtube for Paul Henshaws videos, there is one dealing with the set up of the Albion 'box. Paul aka The Bullet Whisperer runs a business called Performance Classics.
Hope this helps.

Just found out it was one of 24 completed bikes sent to Floyd Clymer in March of 70 to his Los Angeles location.