Roadholders hunka hunka 6" travel

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Oct 19, 2005
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In 2003 Bob in Australia < bobmel11@BIGPOND.COM >
detailed me on his detailed measures of
whole Roadholder historic range of components and all the mods
and down sides.
Appears Norton cheated us and fudged a way to use up old
spring stock with too short coil binding item,
once damper rod and cap clash removed.
Lots of dream time it struck me not to use solid spacer
but extra spring, so found the solution in dusty
bin in rural machine shop Ford 8N valve spring and
got full silent compliant 6" range.

Greg Norbsa challenged my report for almost 4 months till
a part was found milled wrong. Now he's more than
a believer.
In Landsdown cartridge post I was challenged again
on innate build in full fork travel.
To quell wasted words here's the photo's with ruler.
Crude measure crude marker but see for yourselves. ... ommentForm
Roadholders hunka hunka 6" travel ... 1179EgmzTm
Roadholders hunka hunka 6" travel

The main obstacle to full travel is the machining on the inside of the fork leg lower. If you indicate the outside lower up on a lathe and put the indicator on the I.D. you may find it out of concentricity buy .004-.010 and the size may also be under that of the Dampener tube it is made to interface with. Careful matching pays off. If you then assemble all the parts with oil in place but no springs it is very revealing to play with the fluid stops at each end of the travel. It just so happens that with some slight modifications the extra travel can get things working at each end. We didn’t set out to get more travel we set out to get it working without clunking at each end. It just works out that by using all the travel the hydraulics start to work. So a simple and cheap kit can be built to do this. You have to add to the kit some parts, new dampener caps in bronze and plug some old holes and drill some new one’s and check everything as you proceed. Its best if you can think and do this on your own these changes are effected by the oil you choose the seals you use there is not one way to do this. It’s much harder work to get the BSA dampener tubes working as thought out be glad you have a Norton.
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