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Mar 6, 2007
I have three flanged alloy rims in the shed and intend rebuilding the MK111's wheels using two of these and stainless spokes.
Two are WM2 x 19"s and one is a WM3 x 19"
Should I use WM2 front and rear ? or any advantage in using the WM3 on the rear?
I have heard some opinions that wider tyres on the rear can upset handling.
What's your thoughts please?

Those sizes will work fine if the rear is an 18 inch. But more important when trying to get this working is to consider the spoke pattern. The three and one pattern of the disk brake is a tough one to get up to torque and keep the off set right. If you don't get it tight using the brake will loosen it right up. The angle of and pattern of the dimples for the nipples is very important.
millard said:
Should I use WM2 front and rear ? or any advantage in using the WM3 on the rear?

Apparently the original front & rear WM2 rims could be considered to be a bit on the narrow side for a 4.10 section tyre anyway!

So I see no good reason why you shouldn't fit a WM3 rim, keeping to the 4.10 tyre size.

Of course what you must consider if using rims that have been used on a different model of motorcycle is the angle and positions of the drillings in the rims, as these will likely be different if they didn't come off a disc wheel Commando? (*norbsa beat me to it while I was typing!*)

The front wheel spoke pattern on (your) Mk III is different to earlier disc types (Dunlop rim MC288 = Mk III), and the rear wheel rim is also different, as it is the only Commando with a rear disc, the original dimple pattern of the Mk III rear rim is a 3x1 pattern (Dunlop rim MC289 = Mk III), unlike the more standard 1x1 dimple pattern, (2x2 is also common).

Spoke patterns (and therefore the dimple drillings) can also vary, if these alloy rims came off a British bike then they will most probably be 40 spoke, if they came off a Japanese bike then they are more likely to be 36 spoke?

So just changing rims may not be straightforward; unless you know they were used on a Mk III Commando or are not drilled?
Thanks Les/Norbsa.
Is there a simple way (or a website) to demonstrate what these spoke patterns mean?
One of the rims I have looks like it's very similar to my existing front wheel, not sure about the others.
I might just take the whole plot to my local tyre builder and ask his opinion.

By inference the chance of your rims being right is pretty low. Yes a experienced wheel builder might be able to tell what they fit making them much more valuable on eBay. The one and three pattern stands out to the eye others may require a trial lace up.
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