Rim and Drum brake questions

Feb 21, 2005

The 71 basketcase is about to have it's engine and tranny put back together next week , and the frame will be painted by Christmas! So now I can turn my attention to other matters on the bike. Here are a couple wheel related questions:

1. I happened to score a decent set of WM3x 19 rims WITH NOS spokes for a good price to replace the dead ones on the bike. What's the difference between the WM2 and WM3 rims? is it only width? I can see no other difference. Also: what would your reccommendations be for tires for the WM3's, given the bike will be ridden by an old fart cruising easily around New England?

2. I want to keep the drum on the front but it needs to be re-turned. does anyone know of a shop that still does this (or, does anyone have a decent drum they want to part with?) I asked my machine shop guy but he didn't seem to be too interested in this project... but he did a GREAT job on the valve job/head rebuild!!!

thanks. I did a search but couldn't find anything answering these questions:

Karl Hoyt
Thanks for the replies:

I did find some earlier postings on tire sizes and preferences, but it'll be spring before I have to worry too much about that purchase:

thanks again , Karl Hoyt