Right hand switch assy.

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Hi all,

Does anybody have a spare one of these from the 850 electric start? OK, I hear you all rolling around on the floor laughing. :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

Actually the deal is when I took mine apart, some of the circuits were jerry-rigged and re-wired so as to bypass some of the functions. What's missing are some of the little bits that make contact or slide around.

I'm able to figure out what goes to what wires, but I need some of the other bits (run/kill slider for example). Also, it would be helpful if someone could snap me a pic of the inside of both halves ... (see my previous post about not finding any decent blow-ups).

I may end up with a few toggle switches mounted to the handlebars for a while :shock:
I'm trying to get my 75 restored too and one of the hard parts to find is the RH switch assembly, along with the starter. Here's a couple ideas I've come up with :idea: :
1. The LH assembly is now available from Norvil for 55 english pounds plus shipping (figure $125 US), get one of those and rob the parts from your old LH to resurrect the RH assembly (they seem to be similar but opposite)
2. I've got a CBR 600 also and the RH switch assembly on it appears to have the same functions as the Norton. They both have 7/8" bars and I think with some creative wiring could be made to work. The CBR has a separate brake lever and MC assembly so you will need to use maybe a Grimeca or other type of brake lever and MC assembly to use the CBR RH switch. There may be other japanese bikes with the same or similar switches that could work, a visit to the bone yard is what needs to be done to verify.
I haven't tried either of these yet so if you get brave and find one that works, let me know.

Stan at Rocky Point Cycle can fix you up with the Magura M/C, switchgear (Honda as I recall) and a matching Magura clutch perch. He can even supply a braided stainless brake line. I have seen it on his personal bike and it looks great. Works too!

If you're more adventurous, many will work. I happen to like the late model Ducati switches and am using that on my own bike. The functions are the same and by using a matching clutch perch, looks pretty original.
I found mine on eBay for less than $25.

Ron L
Thanks Ron.
I was sure there are some creative Commando Owners out there that have tried plan 2. I like the idea of using Ducati parts but it will depend on what i can find at the boneyard. Although the lucas parts can be sourced it appears they were not very durable and mine have a lot of corrosion so a change to anything else will probably be better.
I've decided to go with the Magura that was on the scoot when I got it. The fit was awkward, and I see that the lower channel for the throttle cable should probably have been ground off the switch assy. to make room for the Magura unit.

I'll grind mine off. I also totally rebuilt and painted the Magura unit last night, and it's looks in great shape (the gears are all sharp despite being plastic).

Question: does anyone know what cable should be used for the Maguro to a 34mm Mikuni setup. The one I bought is about 7" too short :shock:

If I can't find one, I'll just make my own ... I've been looking for an excuse to buy a 100' of cable 8)

I'll probably upgrade to the Ducati unit later -- for now -- get it running.
I believe the T160 used a switch similar to the '73-'74 non-MkIII except the blade was red (kill switch) and the lower button was the starter button. Could be wrong, never really appreciated the triples.

Ron L.
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