Rev counter gasket

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Jul 18, 2004
The first of many - "how does that fit" questions. I find if I stare at the parts book long enough, and play with the parts I can figure it out... but I am having trouble believing the conclusion I am drawing.

I know of the lip seal conversion and I am saving that for a snowy day. (for future reference, anyone know the seal part #)

The rev counter gear I received has a groove 2/3rds up the shaft - I was assuming an o-ring sits into this groove. The o-ring I have fits the shaft - not the groove. I notice that the manual illustrations don't have this groove.
Is the o-ring supposed to sit at the base of the gear- sandwiched between the housing and the gear?? :shock:


The lip seal is Honda part number: 912 07 222 000.

Good luck with your conversion.

Thanks for the info guys!

I got the following answer straight from The Horses Mouth (which mouth you ask? Andover that is...)

You obviously have the later tacho drive gear which requires a very small O ring in the annular groove near the top. 06.1282 is the early one which locates over the spindle and in an appropriate recess in the base of the housing. I'll send the correct O ring (06.5203)...

Thanks for the tip. I suppose it would be overkill to install the o-ring and the lipseal on the newer gear. Would it fit? If it keeps the oil in...

I certainly agree that the line drawings of the official manual/parts book and the grainy photos of the Clymer, Haynes & Bacon etc... leave much to be desired, what do you suggest I use as a technical reference? (the forum at!) :wink:

Thanks again,
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