Returning a 64 Atlas back to Original Specs

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Dec 9, 2006
I'm very interested in a 64 Atlas that has been converted to a cafe racer with lowered bars, single sports seat and rear-sets. Unfortunately my back wouldn't be able to handle this riding position and I would have to convert it back to standard configuration.

The bike comes with the original seat and the bars shouldn't be too much trouble to swap but the gear and rear brake levers were apparently quite damaged and weren't kept. How difficult is it to convert the controls back to their standard position? The levers seem to be available (for a price) but is it as simple as just buying them and fitting them or will a lot of other things have been modified (and if so what)?

Hoping you help me out here. I think I will need to move quickly if I am to get this bike.
It *should* be just a matter of fitting the correct parts, but without knowing exactly how these modifications have been done then it is really not possible to say anything for definite.
I can only suggest you get a copy of the parts book (and a manual) for that year and work it from there?
Buy the bike and sort it out once you get it, the gear lever should be just a bolt on proposition although the footpegs may be more challenging depending on what madifications were done. Any bike you buy will inevitably need a bit of work and this sounds like it is at the easy end of the scale. Bear in mind you will probably have to change the handlebar control cables and wires for taller handlebars. You might even find that higher bars with rearset pegs actually suit you.
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