Replacing head

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Jan 8, 2006
Hi All

Thanks for the previous advice it has been invaluable.

When replacing the head on a Mk111 is their a tool for torquing down the smaller studs that can't be reached with the torque wrench?? ie, the ones under the exhaust ports and at the rear of the barrells.

Hi Vince,no special tool available to my knowledge,work around the head in the prescribed pattern, tighten down using a torque wrench where you can.Those bolts / studs that can't be tightened using a torque wrench you can safely tighten with a standard length wrench i.e. 6"' or 7" long,pull down until you get a good solid feel,don't use pipe or any other means of exerting force on the wrench. Good luck. James.
There are several tools available.
A short ring spanner with a female square drive at one end. You've to do a calc to correct the torque setting due to the change in length.
And there's a torque wrench available that has an end feature that takes open ended or ring spanner fitting (Can't remember what they're called but they're bloody expensive)
Having said all that I would agree with James. The Whitworth system is quite cleverly thought out if you use the correct spanner and pull squarely.
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