Renewing Logo on seat

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Dec 5, 2007
Hi all, The logo on the rear of the seat of my 1970 S has faded /worn to the point of being only just able to see the outline where it was. The seat itself is in great condition . Is the logo a sticker or painted on.? I,m flat out writing my own name let alone the NORTON scroll so i would assume its a job for a signwriter maybe?, I believe the seat is vinyl so not sure what sort of paint would stick to it even. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am in Australia so its not really practicle to send it anywhere to get done
Get good art work like this:
Renewing Logo on seat

Now put this onto a thumbnail drive (storage device) disk whatever you have.
Now take it to the sign guy have him put the art into his graphics's software program. Have him change it to the just right size. He or she can now load it onto a cutter that puts it on stick rubber sheets. pay the printer, come home and place it on the seat. let out the pieces spray with good paint very light.
Not the same at all look again. If you like those little bridges that hold the stencil together on your seat go for it. There is no way I would put that on my seat. Gotta be the sticky rubber for me. Do what you want you will anyway.
What did you use for paint? Vinyl dye? Krylon? How does it hold up?

I agree the Fleabay stencil just doesn't look right. The separated "O" and the size.

This is on my list of things to do. I have a contact with one of the vinyl sign cutter people who can make the stencil (just reverse of the signs). I have used this to paint the tank and side cover lettering for a while now.
I have to thank Gunk from the BB board for the art and the advice. I am just passing it on.
Any lacquer spray paint will stick just fine. I use Krylon gold crafters paint.
Clean the seat back thoroughly with methyl hydrate two or three times to get rid of dirt, wax, and oils.
Stick on the stencil, which is sticky vinyl with the letters cut out.
Spray light coats 2 or three is usually enough.
If you spray the paint too thick it will run under the stencil and spoil it.
Too much gold paint looks like carp.
Wait for the paint to dry completely before removing the stencil.
Don't clean or polish it for a few days.
Any sign shop in the world would be able to make one of these stencils for 20 bucks.
norbsa48503 said:
Any sign shop in the world would be able to make one of these stencils for 20 bucks.

But the ebay guy only wants $12, postage included. Good to know about the sign shops though. I suppose they would be useful for tank decals too.

I actually bought one of these stencils a while ago. Don't remember if it was the same guy or someone else. I haven't tried using it because I didn't know what type of paint to use, or if I had to remove the old paint first (with what?), or if the seat cover had to be removed or if it could be done in situ. Didn't do my homework on that one I guess :oops:

The lettering on my 750 seat is faded so I thought it would look nice to spruce it up. I'll have to go look, but I'm pretty sure the old lettering was done with a stencil like this.

Thanks for the great comments, I thought of the ebay stencil and just filling in the bridges would be a good result , but the signwriter is probably the go , The graphics program will keep the resizing in perspective.

So the original was gold??
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