Removing yokes

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Hortons Norton

Oct 12, 2007
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Hey guys, Just wondering if you guys have a easy way to get the yokes off this thing, I can get it to twist now but it still won't come off, Should I just tap it a little harder? Is this the way they are or is it all those years of being on there? Thanks and have a great day, Chuck. :(
ya don't thunk eyes token the nutski off? eyes gotsa hits um harder, LOL, LOL, Thanks, Chuck. :roll: :lol: :roll:
I just went through this.

You have to beat those trees with a rubber mallet pretty hard. Beat them like they owe you money. Seriously.
If you can twist the bottom yoke in relation to the top one then you're on your way but it could still be binding in the bearings.

I wouldn't try whacking the lower yoke because it won't stay square. I find it best to replace the nut to protect the thread.

Quite a lot of purchase is lost using softwood or rubber. A hardwook block or suitable size copper or alli drift will transfer much more of a shock load.

In the meantime, keep dribbling penetrant everywhere that you can and keep wiggling it.
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