removing tacho 1970 S 750

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Dec 5, 2007
Can i undo the large fork nut that holds the tacho on without affecting the forks? My tacho cable has broken at the engine end and i want to make sure the tacho is not seized causing the break before i put a new cable in and breaking the new one


Yes you can undo just ONE nut but make sure bike is on centre stand and that most of the weight is supported at the front. This is a very fine thread so be careful that any load does not pull threads out and restart it very carefully by HAND. :!:

Since the top fork nuts (bolts) attach to the damper rods, you will need to remove them from the damper rods after you remove the top fork nuts form the tubes. You will need to remove both top nuts and be prepared for the front of the bike to drop when you remove the second one (or figure out some way to compress the remaining spring enough to get to the locknut on the underside of the fork nut (bolt). Then you will need to lift the front of the bike to re-fasten them.

An easier solution would be to remove the two small nuts on the the studs holding the tachometer from the bottom of the aluminum housing. Then simply lift the tachometer from the housing.
:oops: To be honest i didnt even see the nuts holding it on, It looked like one piece to me, thanks for saving me hours of time Ron. I really must get some magnfying glasses and stronger lighting. I am fairly new here and the time/cost savings from the knowledge here is incredible. I have an old mustang 67 convertable ive done up over the years and the only other place i have seen such good info is on the mustang forums.
Thanks all
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