Recommendations for a painter of petrol tanks in UK

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Jul 24, 2006
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Today I have managed to source a steel Roadster tank, allegedly MK3, which is in fairly good condition, although it has some pitting in a couple of areas, but is free from dents and has no filler. I know this as I have just sanded it back to bare metal. The inside appears rust free and sound, although I have not tested it yet for leaks.

To the point of this post. I am getting it painted as soon as possible, and want a top class job doing. As you can see I am resident in England, and was hoping that one or two of you might feel confident enough to recommend a painter to me that you may have used and are delighted with their quality of work, and save me trawling through the adds and then taking pot luck based on the proprietors selling pitch.
recommend a painter in the UK

Ayup Lad!,Good to see a "Yorkie" on the site. From Classic Bike of September '06, try Martin Holt,apparently a TOP class painter,Web site is, I'm in Cleveland,USA so not much to offer.
Good luck. James.
Reggie. When I asked Mick Hemmings the same question recently he recommended Faircharm Restorations. Tel Shane on 07908822963. He is UK based and can definitely restore your tank to a superb standard.
best in uk

Hi Regiie,

Contact my friend John in Essex Here is his website:

His work is outstanding. He has painted a few of my Commando's for me over the years.

Tell him you know me.

Take Care,

Thanks to all above, I appreciate your suggestions. I will be making some enquiries with these people.
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