Rear Wheel Lock Up

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Dec 27, 2005
I was riding along after getting the bike back together and the bike would grab at the back wheel and feel like it would lock up. it would mainly do this while cruisng and when u hit a bump. Can anyone explain why this would be happening. It is hard to explain.
Check your shocks are the right ones, I fitted ones with too much travel once. On large bumps the rear tyre touched the mudguard and the bike slowed down. If you look at the inner surface of the mudguard it will be nicely polished where the trye makes contact.
I have experienced a similar problem going over speed bumps, I think that the rear brake cable may be incorrectly routed or badly adjusted, causing the rear brake to come into action at full travel.

So far this is just a theory, since there are many other problems with my bike which requie my attention before this one, hopefully I will get round to it before next spring.
Funnily enough I read in the latest copy of Real Classic Magazine today of another Commando owner who had a similar problem with the brake coming on due to incorrect routing! The cable needs to go over the Z plate and then drop down between the swinging arm and the silencer brackets and not where it looks as if it is meant to go, which is through the brackets.
First Thing i checked was the guard rubbing but it is painted and there are no signs of any touching.

Thanks for that i have checked the brake cable it goes under the z plate and with the weight of 2 up the slightest bump would make it come on i guess.
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