Rear set controls on Commandos'

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Apr 13, 2005
Has anyone out there put "rear Set" foot controls on there Bikes???
I have a MKIII that I am installing some Norman Hyde rearsets on, so far I'm NOT inpressed with his products. He just doesn't sweat the details........ Very bad installation instructions.
No info on how to remove the rear MC and lever assy,and modify the thing to get the lever position correct. The bolts he supplies for the installation are not the correct thread!!! ( they are 5/16 -18 and the Z plates are whitworth)!!and are slightly too long for the bottom right position. Finally the KS lever interferes with the RH foot peg position!!!!. And you have to run a 5/16 -18 tap down the holes in the Z plates to get the bolts to work.

I can't imagine a inexperienced person trying to install these!!!!

Bill edwards 75 Interstate. :x :x

I recently installed Rearsets from Clubman Racing Accessories on my '72, now cafe racer. The instructions were good, required a little bit of work, couple of holes drilled out, re-positioning, etc. Been riding now with them for 3 months and am very happy with quality. And the price was very competitive. They were more comfortable than std controls even with a low bar, and now with clip-ons, they are a must!

Check them out on my site: --> Norton

I had problems with Hyde rear sets for my Mark III also. I must note my dealer mentioned that Hyde was the MOST difficult jobber to work with. I wanted em, so they ordered them. The pivot shaft for the brake arm was pressed in on wrong side (ouboard). I did not want to mess with it so I had my dealer send it back. Hyde denied anything was wrong with it, when it returned , the shaft was pressed in on the correct (inboard) side, but the plate was cracked. I gave up.
Anyone want a set of rear sets with a cracked plate??
Stuart or others

I have also been considering rearsets, but occassionally carry a pillion so have been wondering whether the pillion pegs are still useable with the rearsets fitted?

Rearset spacing

This is a valid concern. With my Clubman Racing rearsets there is only about 5" from my new footpeg position to the passenger peg (center-to-center). I suppose that a passenger could just place the front of their foot on the peg but this may not be entirely practical (or safe!). Although I did leave my passenger pegs in place I do not carry anyone on this machine. It would be easy to fabricate a pair of rearward spacing plates to move the passenger pegs a few inches to the rear. These could be 3/16" X 1-1/4" flat bar with a hole at each end, with a tab to prevent rotation, etc.

Stuart Ostroff
A buddy who is six feet four inches has had his Commando set up this way for twenty years. It's done just as you say triangle adapter plates. He also found it helpful to add a 5/8 long spacer to bring the pegs away from the mufflers so that the rider doen't melt thier shoes on the hot mufflers. norbsa
You've got a of the easy ones, like mine. The others are talking about later models, with left hand shifting. They have the problem of all that crossover linkage stuff that our bikes don't have. I have the same setup, but mine has been in place for about thirty years and it was easy to install, no holes to drill, retap etc. Be happy you have the old shifting system.
I drive all sorts of machines, with twist-grip shifting, tank stick shift, left and right and rock forward and back, and the I prefer the right hand shifting. The shifting up, on the jap system is not my favorite, hard to use, and illogical. But, evidently, the way of the world.....a law made by a non-rider, perhaps.
Would see sense in putting some kind of extention on the passenger pegs though, no matter what side we shift on.....Mine has no extension, and I've had a number of passengers complain about no room on the pegs, or having to use only tip toes. My kids yearsa ago solved it very logically, though...just put the boots on the mufflers, feet are warm, and dad's bike is an old ragbag thats logic for you.
John Tickle Rear Sets

Find a set of John Tickle rear sets.
Those were the best ones made and fit every time. Good quality and simple construction. From the UK you can order Barleycorn Engineering or the ones that Disco Volante MC sell.

Let's face it. Hyde worked for Triumph.
norman hyde rearset

I've got a set of the Norman hyde rear sets installed on my '75 commando. The set I have were given to me when I bought the instructions. When I finally did track some down they were laughable. After staring at the set for a day and examining some pictures on the internet of a set mounted to another bike I got it figured out. Need pics? As far as the kick start goes, yes it does interfere with the foot peg. You end up having to rotate its position waaaaaay back, giving you very little throw on your kicker. I'll go out and take some pictures and see if I can get them up here if it'll help.
This is just a followup on the rearsets thread I started, i want ti thank all those who responded to my initial input. there was a lot ofgood info. given.

To those who might not know, the MKIII commando foot pegs are totally unique to this model. No other partswill fit. And as far as I know John Tickle never made a MKIII set of parts. The only other rear sets available for MKIII's are from Clubman Racing in CT. They have a web site "" Their units look very good and set up the kickstart access to allow the normal position. When I called abuot 2 months ago they were out ofstock....But going to have some more made.
I havent checked back.
Oh the final Hyde design flaw is on my bike the left side footrest bracket rubs against the primary case!!!!!. :x :wink: :wink: My bracket had a long talk with my bench grinder and now everything is OK.
Bill Edwards Simi Valley CA.
Creative Assembly!

Glad you resolved your problem. I have found that most of my adapted parts have visited the belt sander, needed a bend adjusted, or had a shim installed for proper fit. Goes with the territory!

Stuart Ostroff
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