rear hub felt seal

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Jun 3, 2005
72 Interstate - replacing countershaft sprocket, chain and rear drum (last chain stretched out in less than a year). using standard double row bearing, manual does not specify what to do with the felt seal when putting it back in.
after cleaning the old grease out of it:
1 put it back in dry
2 lightly grease with the same grease used to pack the bearings or,
3 oil it (what weight)?

What's the concensus of those who know more than what the manual or service sheets don't say?
I have always understood that grease should be used on felt wheel bearing seals so = option 2.
get a NEW seal and soak it in motor oil overnight, before bloting it fairly dry and installing it. It will take all night to have the oil pentrate the seal, and it is the oil that keeps the seal a bit swollen and lets it do it's job of keeping dirt out. If it is installed dry...or an old "compressed" seal is will most likely not properly seal. Just make sure it isn't "dripping" when you install it..... :wink:
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