Rear drum brake "Cam bearing nut" (2009)

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Sep 21, 2009
When I dissasembled my rear drum brake plate so I could paint it I had a hell of a time to get the "cam bearing nut" part # 060329 off the "Bearing cam & stay" # 060701 and I think it was do to some kind of lock tight having been used. ???.. Now that I am outing it back together I need to know if I should lock tight it again? There are no torque settings in any of my books for this nut. I assume I should use Lock Tight & tighten the nut enough to make it feel tight but still slow it to turn freely? This thing seems kind of funky. Like it should have a bearing or at least a washer & lock nut but who am I to second guess the boys from across the pond!!! Any advice on this?
I just replaced my torque stay with a stainless one from RGM. The old one was a bit of a pig to move and the spigot had detached from the stay, which had got mangled by the PO who didn't know which side of the swinging arm it should go :shock: , but there was no washer behind the nut, and I don't think it had been loctited either.
I just tightened it up, and as the spigot is held by the torque arm, it doubt it'll be going anywhere.
Thanks Andy, as it is the nut goes back on & is kind of "self locking" so I can tighten it and it won't move. The brake arm moves inside it so I don't think it's anything to think about. I did not notice RGM had these in stainless. Now I want to get one befor I put this back together!!!
My combat seems to be missing (REAR BRAKE CAM BEARING & STAY) see photo, or is this a brake from an earlier model, it does have the Cush drive.


  • Rear drum brake "Cam bearing nut" (2009)
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I just did a rebuild on my rear brake... did not turn out as I wished so I removed it and mailed it to Phil Radford at Fair Spares on the Central California coast who made the proper repairs (at a very reasonable price) and returned it a week later... it is perfect now!
Thanks for responses, looks like 68-70 rear brake plate is same part number as 1972 so will order cam bearing/stay and spring and fit to mine. Brake works fines but would like it to be as original.
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