Rear brake

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Dec 5, 2005
Hello all,
Putting my mk11 850 back together, I noticed the rear sprocket has contacted the chainguard on the outboard side, also the brake back plate is very close to the side of the chainguard. The chainguard looks to be mounted correcly and I cannot see a way of moving the guard to the left. Is it usual to fit a spacer between the swing arm and the bacl plate to give clearance???

Cheers in advance


P.S. I have fitted a new double row bearing to the dummy axle.
The 520 chain conversion releaves the tight fit as excess stock is removed from the outboard side. It is common to see this clipping of the guard on Commando's. Hand made billet chain guards are also most common on these bikes . More than other brit iron bikes anyway. Washers are the common fix.

Thanks Norbsa, I thought it was only me!

Fitted the wheel with and without a washer in this area last night, I can make it work without, but as you said a little clearance in the chain sprocket carrier and my nice original chrome chain guard going to get ripped. The 520 xring convert starts to apeal?

Cheers Richard :roll:
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