Rear Belt drive

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I doubt the belt drive will work on a Commando but would be interested in finding out. I think Colorado Norton Works has a modification they do to the sprockets to fit a self lubing sealed chain. Does anyone have any more knowledge or experience with that approach?
After cleaning 27 years of chain lube off of my frame to strip and paint it i can see a definite advantage to the belt or self lubing chain.
scotter I think what you are thinking of is the 520 O Ring conversion. I dont know of ANY chains that dont need lube its just that the O Ring chain is a lot less messy. I have done the 520 conversion on two nortons and is not hard to do.

Belt on Commando

If this thing was cheaper, I'll try it! Belts on others bikes work perfectly, I think that a 1200 Buell must make as much power :roll: as a Commado will ever make and... no problems. I have belts on 2 of my bikes (Softail: 60000 miles & Electra with 103CU motor: 45000 miles) and belts just go and go and go like the proverbial rabbitt. I have a small (!!!) industrial 530 O rings on my MKII for some years... My engine is now with Norton Colorado and I should send the gear box one of these days and have him make the transformation for the 520...
It's not that the belt drive is unable to handle the power of the Commando but I believe there is a clearance problem between the drive sprocket and transmission case which will only be aggravated by the added width of a belt. Maybe this product uses an offset pulley although the inner primary case looks real close to the sprocket too, not to mention the cast in guard.
In any case the change to a belt will definitely alter the look of the bike and may not be the way to go. I think I'll opt for the O-Ring chain conversion and use WD-40 as a lube. It has worked fine on my CBR 600. The chain life is about 20k miles and the mess is minimal.
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