Ready for the road

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Aug 11, 2003
Finally got the bike finished and through an MOT on friday. If someone can explain to me how to post a couple of pictures on the forum you can all see what i have done.

jimboyle said:
If someone can explain to me how to post a couple of pictures on the forum you can all see what i have done.

This info has been given here a few times already, (when requested) although I think those who have asked for it either haven't bothered to try or have given up on it, but anyway here it is again:

You need to open a photo album account (normally free for the basic service with something like 'Photobucket' etc. ) and then upload your photos to your new online album.

Then you need to insert (copy and paste is easiest) the photo/s 'IMG' address/es into your message (for this type of message forum), that will display your photo/s in your message (some website boards only allow a link to be added). And I find I do not ...(and re-size them if necessary) here for you.
Thanks L.A.B. for both advice on submitting a photo and for your suggestion for the oil pump on the Triton.
I pushed the balls with a pencil and although they felt free I reckon they must have been stuck because after reassembly it is working fine.

So my attempt at submitting photos

Ready for the road

Ready for the road

Ready for the road
Thanks for sharing those photos Jim, the bike is VERY impressive!
jim, as some of us say in the states....TOTALLY BITCHIN! beautiful job and a real inspiration. enjoy the fruit of your labor.
Very nice. I can't wait to get mine, so I'm really envious over here.
Thanks for all your comments, it has taken a while. The forks, I got fed up trying to get the commando forks to work, new stanchions, new bushes, new springs, did the conversion thing, still sticky.

Then Classic Bike here did a road test on the Dreer Commando and i loved the heavy forks, looked at ebay for ages and one day saw a set of Kawasaki ZX9R 49mm forks for £100. They are the same length as commando forks and i liked the way they looked the same as commando ones, just fatter. (good technical expression)

I made the yokes, steering stem, brake caliper adapter etc but my little lathe was too short for the wheel spindle so got that done at an engineering shop.

They seem to work quite well.

I bought the bike, from a photo, from a main Triumph dealer here, absolutely standard black roadster, they took it in a trade in, they had been servicing it for the owner, they MOT'd it, they would put it through their workshop before delivery, all lies. From Triumph dealer of the year 2000, 2001, 2003 etc. You can't trust anybody.

Head steady broke, isolastics completely gone, they charged the previous owner for new fork bushes, only one was new, it took me 2 hours to remove the other one. It looked good in the photo but was a mess.

A warning to all others.

Well you did a hell of a job on those yokes..
And when to rest of your mods, the world now has a
Boyle/Norton to run around with Dreer/Nortons..........
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