Ready for Chrome.....but where shall I go?

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Jan 9, 2008
need chrome work done having a hard time locating anyone....any thoughts or suggestions?

thank you.....

Hi Sharon, I live close to Cleveland and have used two good platers:Standard Plating -Ph. 216 -771 - 0428,and Kyron Plating 216 - 221 - 7275,both have done a lot of motorcycle and classic car work.Good luck. James.
Most platers now only plate with chrome which doesn't last as long as the English did it. They did(or do?)triple chrome plating which is copper, nickel and then chrome. I had some new pipe plated about 3 years ago and it already has some small pits. At Custom Chrome on N Utica in Tulsa.The only time it has ever been wet is when I washed it. I also have some original pipes on a Tri which had set outside for many years. It will still clean up almost like new. 37 years old.
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