RE Interceptor sII seat removal.

Sep 30, 2017
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Having pulled the Interceptor out of darkness and preparing to turn it into a runner, despite the parts manual showing a bolt which secures the seat I am blowed if I can locate it. It is apparent that the complete rear loop is a separate part which moves with the seat.
The carbs are removed and the tank but that is it up to now.
Disconnect the wires to your tail lamp
Generously loosen the upper shock nuts and push them through - not completely - just until the last few threads show or keep the nut on to prevent it from completely pushing through
Gently pull back and up - the fender, hoop seat assy will come out.
If you have the grab rail option, then it is more of a bother at the shock bolt area but otherwise there you are.
Here's a Pic to keep you motivated! After looking a pic I HAVE to change those yellow wires LOL

RE Interceptor sII seat removal.