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Apr 13, 2005
Is anyone aware of a replacement Radial tire for a Norton Commando {410H19} ????

After a few years in storage on brand new rubber the side walls are shot and the tread has less than 500 miles.

Commando tires (tyres)

I don't believe any manufacturer has radials similar to the original size 4.10x19. What's commonly available in biased ply - Avon classic Roadrunner 4.10Hx19 made in England, Dunlop K81 4.10Hx19 made in Japan and Avon Supervenom AM18 100/90-19 front or rear and/or Avon new Roadrunner AM20 90/90-19 front only. The biased tires are all tube type which is what you need with spoked rims.

To use much larger tires such as what's available in radials will require modifications to rim widths and suspension clearances. You might want to get some opinions on this before going this direction as the handling could be greatly impacted.

I am going thru the exact same dramas and the choice is just about covered in illf8ed's coments.

Worse still for me is that I gathered ALL the imfo I copuld regarding my restoration but no one mentioned rims.

I triple-plated the standard rims and fitted s/s spokes etc.. but now I find if I want to go to the Perellis I would like, I have to change the rims and downsize to 18" or less which will mean I can open a regular pandors box regarding tyre options.

Of course if you start down- :oops: sizing rims you have to consider final and/ or primary drive gearing as well

In my case I will have to stay with the 'poor' options mentioned by illf8ed ~ I cannot justify the $$ right now!
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