putting it all back together

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Jul 18, 2004
Wishing everyone a great x-mas and happy new year! I am looking forward to actually riding my bike this year - so I am grinning already.

My bike has been stripped to the frame and I am ready to re-assemble. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions/tips/gotcha's to watch out for on the sequence of reassembly. Should I assemble the engine, trans & primary in the cradle first then insert the whole shebang into the frame (like I did to dismantle). Or install the cradle, the trans, swing arm, motor, primary etc.

I am sure I can muddle my way through but was hoping to benefit from the collected wisdom of the forum!

Happy Holidays to you too fastback!

Jeez, I feel kinda stupid not being able to spit forth some do's and don'ts regarding the assembly of your Norton. I've gone through the exercise several times myself but nothing jumps out at me. So, I guess it's a fairly intuitive process, or I'm getting old, or both.

Be sure to protect your frame with some heavy cardboard, lest you scar your pristine powder-coat. Also, I think it's easier to install the engine sans head, as it provides more clearance within the frame structure.

Please take some of your great photographs of the assembly process and post them for all to see.


if you are starting with a bare frame I would assemble the engine-trans to the mounts and lay them on the drive side on a crate than lay the frame over it, while you have it apart did you notch the cradle so the trans can be removed? if not now is the time to do it!!! if so than install the trans after you have the engine ass. in the frame.


Get the factory parts catalogue, which has a (mostly) accurate depiction of each part and where it goes. If you can get a Domi-Racer/Accessory Mart price list/index it will list the dimension of each bolt and nut.
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