Primary case woes

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Apr 24, 2005
Is there any such thing as running a dry primary eg belt drive i seem to be pulling it apart every second time i ride it to repair oil leaks mostly from the felt packing behind the clutch.

I have totally given up trying to seal my primary .. but I only have a very slight seepage which does not create any more dramas than the disgust I have about oil leaks on ANY of my bikes.

I am still shopping for a belt drive my self and have spoken to "John' at "resleeve carb" in Melbourne, (find him in Just Bikes) and his is $580! +GST (10%)

They ALL seem to be in co-hoots when it comes to pricing.. (although I have sent an email to RGM in Cumbria UK, despite the horrendous exchange rate we Aussies have to contend with!)
It is not a good thing having that oil blowing back onto your tyre :!:
I found that my crankshaft seals were not sealing, they were being blown out from crankcase pressure, then they sprocket key was cutting the rubber to pieces. Oil then pours into your primary & gets blown out the felt seal area & straight onto your rear tyre.

I must have replaced the crankshaft seals a couple of times using different "adhesives" to stop the seal from "blowing out".

I ended up buying a product called Gasket sealer No 1(Hard setting) made by dynagrip. I brought it from Supercheap, a common store in Australia.

Naturally you need to make sure the surfaces are clean & give it time to set. Also make sure that you don't "nick" the rubber on the keyway when installing. I found a socket that fitted over the crankshaft to drive the seal home.

Anyway, by doing it that way, neither my 750 or my 850 have that problem now.

I don't know if you are handy or have the clutch tool, but give it a go.
The clutch tool is an easy tool to make if you have a bit of flat steel.
primary woes

thanks Stuart ss and Nortonfan
yes mine seems to be the oil coming from crank case filling the primary because there was shit loads of oil. Thats what i attempted to fix last time
it was ok for about 500k but i didnt replace the seal, there is a fair smattering of some red rubber compound which has been there since i had the bike, about ten years, will give that a go if the problem is that a belt drive wont help so i will have to nail that first. Im in Cairns and usually go to the local british shop here Cairns Performance Motorcycles he has a good workshop and selection of tools and lets me work on it there supplying tools and technical advice and only charges for parts i use which if i need any i tend to get from him because of the service i get.
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