Possible dropped valve???

May 4, 2005
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I just got the bike back after work done on the head (had oil leaking in the right cylinder, and PO had butchered the valve seats, valves where sitting an eigth of an inch below the surface). Ducati valve seal mod, new valves and guides. Kept the engine below 4000 rpm to break it in.

Got about 150 miles on the engine when I started hearing what sounds like metal hitting metal. I suspect a dropped valve, limped back home keeping the engine from going above 2000 rpm.

Even with the noise the engine felt fine, it idled ok, it didn't smoke, and it pulled of idle ok. Has anyone experienced a dropped valve, and shouldn't there be other symptons?
dropped valve

Check all your rocker clearances. If any have gotten very loose, you may have lost one of the hard faces on a lifter...it happened to one of our members last year.
Will be doing a quick visual inspection by taking off the valve covers this weekend. If that is the case then I may have a hardned piece of metal floating around in my engine, that not good.