( POLL ) About Exhaust Systems

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Nov 21, 2004
Well the 920 has showed up tonight and the 750 will as soon as the snow flys, and some of the exhaust material such as mandural bends are siting on the work bench, but we have a problem. Nobody in our community can decide as to whats more important, looks, sound, or performance.

So whats the Forums Opinion ?

A. looks / style- Norton original or Dunstall or aftermarket

B. Sounds - higher or deeper tones

C. Performance - Good power with minimal carb tunning

We'll be spending alot of time, effort and money in this project, any participation from other communitys is greatly welcome, and when the dyno dust is settled we'll be happy :D to share the results.


Johnny Rocket

I would vote for performance first, followed by looks. When I was younger I liked them really loud but my Dunstall replicas sound really good to me except that they verge on being too loud at highway speeds. I would say that if you could get noticably better power (I'm willing to tune), light weight, good looks, good ground clearance, and a nice sound, that would be perfect. Other issues would be whether one could fit a center stand or put the bike on a lift (I'd say the lift was mandatory, which lets out the Dunstall 2-1-2 and others like it). My $0.75
All about exhaust systems

C for sure. Tuck them in tight to the frame rails or under the motor, after bending them towards the front down tubes, then parallel down to a collector under the motor to one pipe then to two. If you take care of C, A&B will take care of themselves. Put me on your list. I live in a great testing area, oops, I forgot, you guys actually have a dyno!
Jerry T
Oh yea, Jerry T has it right the turning of the pipe just as it exits the head may not be the best flow but the looks and all the rest of the system is so much more tucked in and out of the way. I would only ad that if you went to the trouble to make them go with the 1 1/2 inch Atlas size and put me on the list. You also should look into Mr. Jim Comstocks D-port mod for the power after 5000 rpm. This stops the swrilling effect blockage found at the higher rpms. And the final draft should be made of a weldable stainless so that the system can be repaired without messing with chrome. norbsa
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