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Aug 11, 2003
Now i have the swinging arm off and all the back end as well as all the tinware i have decided i may as well take the engine out and have the frame powder coated.

However my question is in regard to the main engine/gearbox cradle, has anyone ever tried having this plated with something like zinc dichromate, (the yellow zinc plating) i was thinking it may be more convenient than powder coating and having to avoid coating around the mounting holes.

Might also look quite cool if unconventional
plating the engine cradle


You still have the same issue with plating material getting into the swing arm spindle housing if it isn't plugged while plating (or powder coating). Your idea has merit, but only if plating is what you prefer. Nickel plating looks pretty good on frames (such as Rickman brothers did). The downside to plated metals is they oxidize (not chrome). I had a Rickman MkIV motocross with nickel plating and did a lot of polishing.
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