pics of my rgm belt drive problem....

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Jul 18, 2005
as you can see the stator just isnt all the way on the studs, and not completely over the rotor. i got some washers that will fill the gap and keep it ever so slightly away from the pulley plate. it WILL not be 100% over the center of the rotor, but my question to you all is if that will matter?

also included a rough photo of what the bike looks like with the new seat, headlight, headlight mounts, 750 fork gaiters, tommaselli clip ons, magura levers, old britts taillight housing, etc.

let me know what you all think!


p.s... as soon as i fix this alt problem (actually get the ok to start the bike up with it off center like that), the bike wil be running and all the final pieces put back on!

pics of my rgm belt drive problem....

pics of my rgm belt drive problem....

pics of my rgm belt drive problem....

pics of my rgm belt drive problem....

pics of my rgm belt drive problem....
A couple of comments: The first is that the spacer bushes for mounting your stator to the 3 studs look too short. I have just popped down to the workshop and measured several which all come out to almost exactly half an inch in length.

The second point is that in my experience the stator and rotor never seem a perfect match and the rotor innevitably sits deeper in the stator than common sense would dictate. They do however seem to work perfectly well in this condition. Obviously if you space the stator out this condition will be excacerbated. There are rotor shims (pt no 060664 & 060665 0.036" & 0.010" respectively) available to rectify this so it was clearly something that was succeptible to change, perhaps after a bottom end rebuild.

How about some clearer pictures of the sporting mods to the bike.

thanx for the reply.. ill justput these washers on with the spacer and give it a whirl.. once i get the thing running, then wire up the rest of the bike ill get some nice detailed pics with a nice cozy backdrop of some mountains or water or something. until then youll have to wait.. in suspense of course
I think what dave M said about the spacers being too short could be correct.
Have you tried asking Roger from RGM? He always answers my questions about my Norton even the ones not related with their stuff!
I think the spacer length comment is correct, .500" length is what I got from Mick Hemming.Probably a redundant comment but worthy of repeating -- be SURE to set the air gap evenly all around between rotor and stator,rubbing through the insulation epoxy on one side is an expensive way to learn!.Ride safely, James
As long as you have the air gap and nothing is fouling anything that it shouldnt, the only problem you will have would be slightly reduced output from alternator, so it should not really be a problem
Hi, Mike:

Did it finally turn out ok?
After installing the belt drive are tou still able to have the primary case on the bike or you have to put one of those that are opened?
I've been thinking of getting one of this... 8)

i was able to put the outer cover back on.. all i did was install two washers the same size as the spacer, one washer on each side of spacer. from what ive read this will bring the actual amperage performance down slightly, but still way above the needs of someone with a norton (unless your running lights, fog light, stereo, heated grips, gps, etc.).
i havent started the bike yet, although i just finally got my new spark plugs today, so i might start it today, but definatly this week.

ill make a repost in this message once i get it up and running this week, along with some more pics
Have you fitted a left hand adjuster for the gearbox? don't want to worry you if you haven't but a chain will suffer some misalignment but a belt won't and will be trying to climb up the keeper plates on the front pulley and will make a hell of a mess. Left hand adjuster lets you correct some misalignment.
i actually did. i really hate the design, because you cant adjust it without taking the inner case off, but yes i did install it and hopefully i have everyting sorted out

If you drill the left side adjuster mounting hole forward of the adjuster instead of behind it, and mount the adjuster so that the threaded portion extends forward, rather than rearward, you will likely be able to adjust the left side adjuster without removing or loosening the inner primary cover.

Also, if you don't get your alignment of the tranny perfect with the crank by using both adjusters, the tranny won't shift well at all due to preloading of the inner and outer shafts against one another.

You might also want to get another outer cover that you can ventilate to provide cooling air to the belt.
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