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May 4, 2006
photo post
thanks for the info on posting a photo L.A.B. thought i would give it a try. here is my sweet norton (my e-bay success story) the day i brought her home last oct.
Brilliant! (as we say in the UK) and thanks Jerome,


Who's next?......
yes, pretty near original. it has a boyer, k&n air filter, and that sweet paint job. since i've had avons, new seat, new grips, added a side stand, misc. minor el. parts, re-built carbs, re-jetted for altitude, and new needle valves and needles which made a world of difference, which by the way, this forum has been a wealth of info and guidance for me! i have learned so much and have much more to learn. thank you all, cheers, smiling and riding happy.......jerome
Gorgeous! Now I REALLY have to get cracking on the paint for this faded old derelict! One thing at a thing at a time.... one thing at a time..........
Kansas, America
Not nearly as pretty '73 850 Roadster, etc..
Sweet lookin' machine Jerome, not too many oil leaks by the look of her, how did you get on with your assimilator, did you get it sorted?

hey mike, the assimilator had a happy ending. i found a break in the wire from the generator going to the assimalator. soldered it and all is well. the solid state one seems to work great. i have had days with oil leaks from various places, and days of no leaks whatsoever :?: she is a norton! have you sorted yours out? regards, jerome
Hi Jerome,

Funny story, i checked the assimilator and rectifier with a multimeter and couldn't find any problems , i then checked the charging circuit from the alternator and guess what, a broken wire which i repaired in about five minutes, the old girl charges away quite happily now, about 12.5 volts, it says something about starting at the beginning and working your way through things. The funny thing about the whole deal is, the warning light still isn't working, which is what alerted me to my charging problem in the first place, but i'm not stressing over it.

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