Pea Shooters?

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Dec 5, 2003
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In a discussion with a Triumph owning friend the other day the terminology for silencers came up. My friend informed me that the proper reference for the silencers for Nortons (as those on Jerry's bike) is "reverse cones" and not Pea Shooters. He informed me that "Pea Shooters" are the pregnant snake looking things that are stock on Triumphs. Now being a certified Norton fanatic I was appalled to hear this, besides the only Triumph I'll listen to is Triumph the Insult Dog :lol: .
So what gives have I been misled all of these years?

Your Triumph riding friend is obviously suffering from 'pea shooter envy'. Yes, the classic Norton Commando muffler can also be called a reverse cone, but the most popular term used is 'Pea Shooter'.


Peashooter ~ reverse cone.. being a tad pedantic aren't we.. sounds like one of those discussions that evolve around a BBQ~

The perfect combination I reckon ~ a T160 with PEASHOOTERS!! Kool !

(Death to the Black cap! ) :twisted:
Liking my new 'shooters

I recently replaced a pair of ratty "Dunstall-like" mufflers with some shiny new Peashooters. I really like the throaty sound. Not too load at idle or small throttle, but grab a handful and they really announce their presence!

Stuart Ostroff
Good call ~ I always found the Dunstall muffs just too piercing.. plain raucous ~

As you say the Peashooter is just plain straight forward quality of sound..

I feel the balanced header pipes are also conjunctive to the 'melodious sound ..
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