one cylinder

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Feb 2, 2005
can.t seem to get the bike to run on the one cylinder when I remove one spark plug lead, changed the spark plug with no improvement. What should I check next?
how fast is the motor idling?, you will need to set up a fast idle to keep the motor running on one "pot" until you get the idle mixture right for that cylinder , slowly adjust the mixture until you get an even idle, slow the idle by backing off the slide adjusting screw.Repeat the procedure for the other cylinder.When you reconnect both plug leads the motor will be on fast idle, back off each slide screw an EQUAL amount to set a slow idle.A word of caution -- if you are running a Boyer electronic ignition make sure that you have a plug connected to the lead that you remove and ground it against the cyl. head, the Boyer black box can be damaged if you do not do this. Good luck, James.
throttle stop screws

James, thanks for the replaced the throttle stop screws with new, the book sugests to screw the screws althe way in and back out 1.5 but it seems that the screws go in farther than they did before although I made the mistake of not recording were the old screws were.
It's the idle mixture screw that you close then bring out 1 1/2 turns, not the throttle stop. The best way to adjust the throttle stop is unscrew both until they don't make contact with the throttle slide. Use any small diameter drill bit as a measure and screw in the stop screw until you can just get the drill bit in under the slide at the rear of the carburetor. Now you have an equal starting point and can adjust the idle up or down turning the screws equal amounts. Make sure you have a little slack in the throttle cables before doing this.
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