Old guy signing in

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Let me introduce myself.

After lurking on the sidelines of this forum for a long time I've decided to
sign up and log on.

I'm The Buckeye Rider (aka; mkiii850, Ride On, Dave, dmathers). My ride is
'Pa', a 75 Norton 850 MKIII .

'Pa and I started our love/hate relationship thirty years ago when he came
out of his shipping crate. I rode him hard and put him away wet for many
years and he was very faithful and reliable. For ten years 'Pa' sat dejected
and neglected but not forgotten in the far back of the garage. At the urging
of my two now grown sons 'Pa' has been resurrected and brought back to life.
All it took was time and money, lots and lots of time and money.

In the past six years I have been into every part of this Norton except for
the bottom end and I think I might have something to share with the other
Norton riders here.

'Pa' and I rode 5k miles last year, we ride at least once a month. The
temperature has to be above 46'F or he doesn't want to start(no e-starter)
and any colder and it takes some of the fun out when my fingers get so cold
they hurt.

I substituted a couple of old vices that weren't doing me any good for an
addiction to the Norton. I have open ended support from my wife who lets me bring greasy Norton parts into the house and even lets me cook some of them in the oven. My sons have also become addicted and ride Yamaha’s and Honda’s, they aren’t as screwy as their ”crazy old man”.

Live, learn and pass it on.

Ride On (a norton of course)
Not open for further replies.