Oil Tank Removal

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Feb 14, 2004
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My oil tank top rear bracket has broken so i am trying to remove the tank to have that repaired, along with a possible leak at the base of the tank. This must be very simple as neither my Haynes manual nor the Tech Digest say anything on this that i have found.

I have all the mounting bolts off, all hoses removed and it now appears that the large oil feed outlet arrangement at the lower rear of the tank needs to be removed before the tank can be wriggled clear.

Could someone confirm whether i have missed something obvious before i try to remove this?

If it does need to be unbolted confirmation what size socket i will need to beg, borrow or (heaven forbid) buy would be appreciated.

That's right... just unscrew the oil feed arrangement, as you've called it, and the tank will come out.

I'd call the leak at the base of your tank PROBABLE. There is a bolt fitting that eventually cracks and leaks. Clean the tank out and a welder can cut out the fitting and put in a patch. Having this done and removing my chain oiler has completely eliminated oil leaks on my Commando.
Tank leak.......middle of London......1975.......bolt on the bottom ripped out of the tank....emptied the tank rather quickly.

The fellow at Gus Kuhns braized a patch over the hole, as he explained they did on all their race bikes...even before they started to leak....and the tank is still sealed. Good, intellegent fix.

To avoid the tank rattling against the battery box and the side cover....pad with something that can take the heat. If you don't...the tank will make a bit of noise everytime you goose the throttle..nothing dangerous...but annoying.

The oil fitting is some standard size, either metric or a big inch socket...you will find one....be careful with the big copper washers, keep track of which way they were mounted, keep them turned on the same side when you replace them...so they seat well again....clean out the tank too...get rid of the sludge....and install a magnetic drain plug....while you are at it. Norvil has even one for the tranny.
Worst came to worst and i had to buy the 1 1/8 socket (thanks for the size L.A.B.), all is now fixed and refitted.

I went with having a doubler plate welded around the insert rather than blanking it off - time will tell whether that was a good move.
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