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Apr 15, 2004
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I have a little question for those of you with oil filters: what's the proper routing for the return line from the engine to the filter? I didn't have a filter before the rebuild, now I do, and it's kind of a headscratcher.

You can run the line over the cradle or through the cradle. I chose "through" but it makes access to the gearbox adjuster difficult. So I'm wondering if I did it wrong... :?

If someone could look at theirs and report back it'd be a big help! :D


The oil return line is routed through the cradle on my MK 3; I don't have a gearbox adjuster so this route works best for me.


I am just restoring a 74 mk11 and I posted a question about this also, form the information I received, the return to engine should go from the filter thru the small gap between the cradle and the (gearbox at the back)
Now the original oil lines have a steel spring sheathing, to avoid chaffing.
And yes it does make adjustment of the primary more difficult, hey it ain't a perfect world.
Now the tank to filter oil routing is even more torturous, especially with the original car horn in place, it is a real compromise and I expect a future must inspect service in the future, as this line I suspect will cop a hard time, especially with an engine that jiggles around.

Hope this helps

Cheers Richard
That's good to hear. Sounds like I guessed right for once! :P

I did install the protective springs. They're rather stiff and make the lines more difficult to work with. But better to struggle with stiff oil lines than have them wear through!

I decided not to put the horn back in that location. Too much of a PITA. I'll relocate it somewhere else, or just leave it off. I don't use the horn anyway - when trouble arises I'm too busy taking evasive action to even think of it. It might be useful for honking at cute guys though! 8) :lol:

As an update, I pulled the oil lines off to do the adjustment. MUCH easier that way. I got the chain too tight though and have to redo it tonight. Good thing I haven't put oil in it yet! :)

oil line routing.

on my 1970 fastback i fitted a filter as well as an oil cooler so i have double the number of iol pipes as regards routing through the cradle this is ok as I do noit have to adjust the primary ever as I threw the chain away years back and fitted a belt conversion which has never required adjustment since fitting, and also asllowed the cluth to run dry which is much better. living in israel the average summer temp is bout 32 celsius so the oiul gets pretty hot.
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