Oil Line routing

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Dec 5, 2005
Hello all, I am putting the 74 850 back together, I have all the drawings on correct hook up of the oil lines, but need help on the actual hose runs.

The lines from the filter, do both lines run out between the gearbox and the engine plate? I found it a bit tight routing two together thru hear with the steel shrouding in place. The line from filter to tank, I have going straight up between the engine plates and then negotiating its way into tank past the big ass horn. But I notice the hose holder mounted off the back of the z-plate mount looks like it will take two hoses. So this looks like the tank hose aswell as the engine return hose are supposed to run down there.

Sorry guys I probably aren't making any sense, hard to describe hose positioning.

Short summation, do two hoses run thru the hose clamp off the z plate?

Thanx Richard
well on my 72 750 the hoses just run from the motor under the isolastic part on the back of the cradle then behind z plate then into the tank, i cant say my z clamp has a hose clamp on it. and yes this is both the hoses they run right next to each other. also a small tip make your return pipe clear so you can see the oil being pumped into the tank.

Hope this helps.
For what it's worth I connect the pipes to the unbolted filter head first and route them over the swing arm pivot for the return to tank and through the gearbox cradle over the box for the return to filter. That's the only way they fit of course. Bolt up the filter head and once the lengths are right and cut, connect the return to tank first as it's difficult to get access to the clip screw when the feed pipe is in place. i use a piece of 1/2" slipped over the oilpipe where the return to filter goes thru the gearbox cradle opening just in case it ever rubs through. There are no clamps on the Z plate, never have seen these. have pics of my installation if it helps but don't know how to put these on post.

There is a wire support clip (part 06-1677) shown in the parts book holding both the feed pipe from the oil tank, and the return pipe to the tank from the filter, this clip should, I believe (my Commando does not have this clip fitted) connect to the upper rear bolt of the Z plate?
The routing you have described for the filter to oil tank pipe sounds correct = up through the cradle, and not through the gearbox hole, but it should then apparently go through the support clip before connecting to the oil tank rigid pipe.
Thanx to all,

After reading the posts, especially for the 72 model, without filter. The clip to hold two hoses makes sense, as the engine to tank connection are just a straight connection. But on units with oil filters, another dimension is added. Subsequent to my initial post, I checked out a original 74 and this has the same piping as I have arrived at, only only one line going thru the double clip.
It would be very hard to re route the hose from the filter to tank thru the clip.

Cheers Richard
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